DJ Jayesh Mitha

DJ Jayesh Mitha started deejaying at his school radio station (“Heart-Beat Radio”). He used the school radio station to get experience and boost his confidence. He started doing house and campus parties to gain more experience. As he grew older electronic music took a prominent place in his life. DJ Jayesh Mitha was one of the first South African Deejays to became an ambassador for dance4life and has played at many top nightclubs/festivals around South Africa as well as overseas with the most recent gigs at CT’s Shimmy Beach Club.

He has proved himself as a long-term force to be reckoned within the dance music scene, not only through his own broad spectrum of production talents across the colours of music but also from his exceptionally high-quality DJ and live performances around the globe with great track selection and technical skill.

In an interview with SLMagazine recommends -DJ Jayesh Mitha “DJ Jayesh Mitha brought a new level in dance/house music to the SA Music scene. Creating a true Ibiza filled atmosphere. spinning you the hottest in Dance and House music that is guaranteed to keep u dancing the whole night long.”