Xabiso Madini is a 27 year young music appreciator, vibrant & creative impending force who hails from Eastern Cape on the shoreside of Port Elizabeth metro also known as Nelson Mandela Bay. His love and enthusiasm for music dates back from 2007 when he first came to the city of gold (joburg) to begin high school, it was then when he met friends who introduced him to deejaying

Back then they were using the famous DJ software known as Virtual DJ. He became inclined into learning more about the software and it was until then he got the full grip of it and was sought after to play at local intimate parties with his friends, little did he know that this was his emergence into the DJ world and his spiritual call. His most memorable songs that still gives him goosebumps are { Changes in my life – Chris Lake x Son of Dragon – Liquid People x Rekorder 7,2 – Rekorder} “ Those tracks give me the best highlights of my teen years, everybody would literally jump when these three songs come in “ He recalls.  Prior to that, he re-enacts when he was still a minor, his late mother used to throw intimate gatherings at their house with her friends and would constantly ask him to connect the sound system speakers outside and he would excitedly jump at the opportunity because that’s what he loved then and still strongly loves now.

Music is not the only thing he holds in his mastery craft, he also pervades as a High fashion & Fitness Model and as well as Acting, but his true first love lays in music. He envisions himself playing/perfoming alongside the renowned local and international house DJ’s. He also takes pride in his remarkable affable entertaining skill as a dancer, Seemingly he knows his story when it comes to entertainment. With his undying love for music, he went ahead to enroll himself at Numark DJ Academy to sharpen his skill for deejaying. While at it he came across young students whom he groomed and shared his extensive knowledge and experience “ I take great pride in that because I believe in the philosophy of: One who learns,teaches. One who teaches, learns. The student teacher relationship is a yin yang relationship “ and as for good existing results those students have now passed and obtained their certificates.

He has also been bustling in the night clubs of Johannesburg namely : Capellos Ghandi square, Croco Blue, Agog Gallery, Daniish Pub just to name a few…He is indeed a magnet of entertainment.

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