Katleho ‘DJ Kat’ Motloenya

My name is Katleho ‘DJ Kat’ Motloenya. I am 21 years old and grew up in Soweto. I am kind, a fast learner, loving, patient, introverted and just loves good music. I started DJing at a young age and have been growing my passion ever since. I started at a later stage becoming an active DJ while studying (I am currently studying towards a degree in Computer Science and Informatics).

I got influence from various DJs like DJ Shimza, DJ Kent, DJ Black Coffee and plenty other DJs. The three DJs I mentioned are the reason why I decided to become an active DJ, they have been nothing but an inspiration to me to work twice as hard in this industry. I am a House Music DJ, Afro House to be precise, I do branch out at some points and play Hip-hop, but House Music is just what I like playing.

I haven’t accomplished anything significant yet but the one thing I accomplished and that I am proud of is being part of the Student DJ Team and I believe that they are going to open doors for me in this industry. I am looking forward to making you all love music even more with the talent I have and grow as an individual while doing that.

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