Sizwe Dlomo

Sizwe Dlomo is a self-taught house music DJ who started his musical journey at the age of 15 after having to attend multiple events where he got attracted to the structure of turntables and also being exposed to an environment whereby house music was considered to be a uniting factor among the youth and elders.

Considering his love for music, passion and ambition, he started going out and exploring to find places where he can showcase his constantly rising talent until he was groomed by a long-time DJ from his area in the Vaal ( Evaton ) who became a mentor and guided him on how to master the basic techniques of djing. Years went by constantly attending events and showcasing his talent and also balancing his high school academics until he completed his Matric, which he got good grades for and then moved to Wits University, Johannesburg in 2018 to further his studies with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering where things started blossoming for him with respect to the exposure to a lot of clubs and aspiring djs, whom he also sought guidance from. It was in 2019 where he came across a social media platform announcement that was intended to reach students who were keen to be part-time djs, and that’s how Sizwe found Student DJ, and consequently, student DJ finding the lad. Sizwe’s passion for djing is one which can take the world through a marvelous musical journey, the lad believes that before being a DJ, we are musical lovers who are so strongly fascinated about producing and delivering unique, but uniting sounds to the target market and not by any means let them down. Sizwe is also looking forward to learning music production so that he can produce his very own tracks.

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