Swae DJ

I am Kyle Coetzee, better know by my entertainment stage name Swae DJ. I currently perform at gigs as a paid and non-paid DJ at different venues and events.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had love and passion for music and musical instruments. I started in a small town called Worcester, where I mostly DJ/ played on software’s such as Serato and Virtual DJ. I then went on to a much bigger music scene in Johannesburg where I currently live at the moment and have studied at Revolution Media Academy (College) in Johannesburg and obtained my NQF level 6 in Sound Engineering/ Technology and Producing, where I have gained new skills and experience which has taught me a lot more.

I started as a unpaid House music DJ where I did free gigs at small venues, but at those gigs there were many people who loved how I mixed and played and started to recognize me. This is where my DJ career took off.

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