VoLuMe d’Dj

Kat is VoLuMe d’Dj, influenced throughout his musical introduction by the sounds of lounge settings and jazz funk/blues. The spin of age old good and new age fun is a regular buzz in his delivery, you can tell when he is changing the mood at the right time, giving room to transition through dance, breathers and chats.

From the love of jamming lounge music to playing house, introducing his listeners with 90’s grooves and moving into a variety sort of house, the experience is filled with lows and highs, a consistent thriller.

Motivated through playback of his own sets, VoLuMe d’Dj will strive to create a classic performance, be it commercial settings or luncheons. It’s the love of mixing.

It is his alias that highlights the delivery chosen with music: VoLuMe d’Dj. The build up and build down of his session can be breathtaking. It is the fusion of complementary nuances through selection of song that allow for a timeless interchangeable mood of experiences. All this in practice of excellence, crowd pleasing and exposing listeners to art through music.

At the same with respect to being the man of the hour, the previous performer and following act are taken into effect by keeping the environment upheld through consistency and ambiance, groove and good tunes to always entertain in the most enlightening way. Creating memories.

VoLuMe d’Dj makes note of how he has come to realize how music unites individualities. Music gives people a space to express themselves and show their side to interpretation, therefore, an understanding of being one’s self confidently and toward productivity. The I-Thou of greater discipline.

How music became spiritual, and translated to dance and friendships, makes for a role to be played for many to fill their heart and minds with renewal energy. Their music preference, their home away from home. VoLuMe d’Dj is one of those Dj’s who attempts at dance and friendships to have fun responsibly.

He, himself, a sucker for a pleasant time with the aim to not sweat, one can believe in making a mental note of how such tapestries in different genres of music can become a moment to remember. 
VoLuMe d’Dj, every minute counts, and he delivers art through motion.

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